Digital Center

Our advanced digital copiers will elevate your standards to a new level. We can output and sharp black and white quality. Our machines will collate, punch, staple and fold booklets. Ricoh MP 1350 will copy 135 sheets per minute and our Konica Minolta 560 will copy 56 full color sheets per minute. Imagine the time and energy you will save with this kind of speed!

Offset Printing

r design & printing also offers offset printing. We have access to many local and nation paper manufacturers and suppliers. So whether we are printing one color black, special mixing a sport-color or printing full color we offer a wide variety of paper and ink choices creating endless possibilities to what we can print for you.

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  • Hi-Speed b/w copies
  • prmotional products
  • business cards
  • forms
  • brochures
  • color copies
  • letterhead
  • ads
  • invoices
  • UPS shipping service
  • stamps
  • lamination
  • labels
  • faxing
  • delivery and more!

Bindery Center

We can accommodate whatever bindery needs you may have.

  • cutting
  • perforating
  • saddle stitching
  • folding
  • lamination
  • numbering
  • scoring
  • binding

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We know that the design and printing processes can be overwhelming.

This is why we're here to take the steps for you to create the best print and/or design product for you or your company. All done at a reasonable price. Let us know what you need and we'll be in contact as soon as possible

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 614-555-5555

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