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Started in 2003 by owners Juli Rogers and Dave Ramirez, r design & printing are on a steady rise to becoming one of the top companies in the city. While the printing business in Columbus is as you may expect, HIGHLY competitive, r design & printing has had absolutely no trouble staying afloat. As a matter of fact it would be safe to say they are excelling far beyond that.

So what is it that makes r design so successful? Three things. Experience. The knowledge of how to grow. Customer service and Relations.

1) Experience
2) Customer Service
3) Attention to detail. Treating all jobs as if they were our own.

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"I think I want togo into the printing business," says Dave Ramirez on the topic of building experience. Take Juli Rogers, for example. She originally started as a glass-blowing major at the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), that is, until a Friend talked her into choosing Another field that would be more suitable as a profitable career. You guessed it, Graphic Design.

After leaving CCAD Rogers went on to work for the now defunct Trading Times newspaper where she learned the nature of deadlines. From there she gained a position at CM printing as a lithograph stripper and from there into another position with a small printing company where she met Dave Ramirez, who in turn had come from a stint with a paper manufacturer.

R Design / Printing

In printing, growth and potential equates to equipment and a successful printing who knows when it's time to bring in the equipment that will allow the shop to offer its customers greater and greater service. This knowledge and experience is what helped persuade Doctors' Hospital, Durable Slate Company, the Short North's Pistachio bakery, and Cameron Mitchell restaurants to become regular customers of r design & printing.

Which brings us to the final of the three, Customer service and Relations.

Good Customer Relations is just as important as any other part of a business. Just ask Rogers, who just may be the queen of great relationships in the short north. Aside from being credited with driving many of the customers in the door, in 2005 Roger was elected president of the Short North Business Association.

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We know that the design and printing processes can be overwhelming.

This is why we're here to take the steps for you to create the best print and/or design product for you or your company. All done at a reasonable price. Let us know what you need and we'll be in contact as soon as possible

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PHONE: 614-555-5555

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